Vietnam Travel Tips

How to travel safely in Vietnam?
Is Vietnam safe? Vietnam was one of the countries listed as “safe to visit”. However, when leaving your home, you should pay attention to have a safe trip and wonderful experience in Vietnam. Here are some tips for tourists in Vietnam that you should be precautious:

Vietnamese Sim Card
When arrive to the airport, you should buy a Vietnamese SIM to contact the necessary people. SIM cards are sold in many stores at the airport. I think you should buy Viettel Sim Card which is considered as the best in Vietnam. After that, please save some numbers such as the travel agents, hotel in case of emergency calls.

Check the cash carefully 
Money exchange rate in Vietnam is changing from 1USD equal from 22000VND to 23000VND. Vietnam has wide range of banknotes from 500VND to 500000VND with cotton banknote and polymer banknote, some of them look similar. You should check the number on the banknote before do the payment, especially the 500000VND has alike color with 20000VND but the value is totally different.

Prepare to weather in Vietnam
Vietnam is in a tropical climate, in hot summer weather, you should prepare the appropriate clothing such as T-shirts, skirts, sunglasses in summer of the North or South Vietnam. Winter in the North of Vietnam is cold, thick jacket is a need. Therefore, you need rain-jacket or umbrella for rainy season. You can check this post for more information about Vietnam rainy season.

Cautious with scam taxi
Scam taxi in Vietnam is a type of taxi not registered business with the authorities. Taxi drivers charge more expensive than usual, or drive a roundabout to pay more. Though scam taxi in Vietnam is not popular, you should be aware of it. Using transfer services of travel agents or asking help from hotel receptionist is a good decision for your vacation in Vietnam.

Keep your properties secure while travelling
The risk of picking up or catching a bag is something that visitors can encounter anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is the best way to put the important items in a bag and wear it in front of your chest so that it stays in your sight. Whenever you go to crowded travel destinations, you definitely need to take care of your belongings.

Crossing the road in Vietnam
The streets of Vietnam, especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, always crowded with motorbikes and cars. Many foreigners do not dare to cross the street when they see too many transportation vehicles on the road, especially motorcycles. The basic technique to crossing the road is calm down and moves forward slowly. You should not move too fast or to step back suddenly. If you cannot cross the street alone, don’t hesitate to ask a local person to take you or wait others and go with a small group – it will be easier and safer for you.


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