Fancy Sunset

  • Duration: 1 and a half hour
  • Transport: Private Car/Train/Boat
  • Pick up and drop off: Hotel / Your place
  • Departure Time:
  • Visit location:
from$16/per person

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Let your soul ascend with our HRS boat trip on Perfume river. Take a cup of tea or a pastry while sightseeing the tinged landscapes of the ancient kingdom. The charm of poetic Hue under the gradual spreading sunset will enchant visitors.

Time: 16:00PM – 17:30PM

Maximum: 24 Pax

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Toa Kham Wharf, 49 Le Loi street

Toa Kham wharf is named after the French Resident Superior in Annam in Central Vietnam (when Vietnam was colonized by French) in late 19th century until it was completely ruined in 1945. Today, HRS has Nam Xuan and Nam Binh boutique boats docking at the wharf and ready to provide perfume river tours to visitors.

Truong Tien Bridge

In 1897, the French Resident Superior in Central Vietnam – Levecque – assigned Eiffel of France (known for the Eiffel Tower in Paris) to design and build the Truong Tien Bridge. The construction completed in 1899. To date, the bridge has connected the banks of the Perfume River for more than 100 years.

Truong Tien Bridge has many names: Thanh Thai (name of the Thanh Thai King of the Nguyen Dynasty), Clemenceau (a French Prime Minister during the First World War), Nguyen Hoang (The Nguyen lord who explored the central region between the 16th and early 17th century) and Truong Tien or Trang Tien because the bridge was located near a coin casting enterprise of the Nguyen Dynasty.

In 1904, the historic storm damaged the bridge. In 1906, the bridge was repaired, and the bridge surface was changed from wood to reinforced concrete.

In 1937, during the reign of Emperor Bao Dai, the bridge was extended for bicycles and pedestrians. In 1946, part of the bridge was collapsed due to mines in the Vietnam – France War. In 1953, it was repaired. In 1968, Truong Tien Bridge again collapsed into the Huong River. Until 1991, Truong Tien Bridge was renovated again, lasted for 5 years (1991-1995). In 2002, a modern lighting system was installed on the bridge.

The bridge has becomes part of the history of Hue City. Although there are many other bridges across the Perfume River, such as Bach Ho, Phu Xuan or Bai Dau, Truong Tien is still the most typical and a symbol of the romantic city of Hue.

Nghinh Luong Dinh Pavilion

Nghinh Lương Đình (Luong Dinh Welcome Pavilion) was built in 1852 as a rest place for the Emperor while fishing. It situated on the Perfume River shore just opposite the Phu Van Lau. The pavilion is brick with a tiled roof, and from the pavilion to the water are 13 steps. Recently Luong Dinh Welcome Pavilion was restored and today can be admired by anyone. From here opens a great view on the Perfume River.

Da Vien Islet

Da Vien Islet, a small island, which was officially named by King Tu Duc, facing the entry to the Hue Royal Palace. When building the Phu Xuan Royal Palace in the early 19th century, King Gia Long during the Nguyen Dynasty chose Da Vien as a White Tiger and Hen Islet as an Azure Dragon. The two powerful creatures was used to guard the emperors’ throne in the former Imperial City of Hue.

Quoc Hoc Stelae

War memorial

Today, the war memorial becomes one of the biggest stages on Hue Festival occasion

Located on the Southern bank of Huong river in front of Quoc Hoc High School, the war memorial was built to commemorate French and Vietnamese soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War (1914-1918).

Designed by Mr. Ton That Sa – teacher of Ba Cong School, the war memorial was commenced on May 12th, 1920 and finished on September 18th, 1920. Being constructed as traditional screen with immitiated tile roof, its body and foundation are flexibly and effectively decorated with stylized dragon, apricot, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo. The two brick pillars constructed in front of the memorial make the structure look even more majestic. Names of 31 French and 78 Vietnamese soldiers were formerly engraved on the memorial. Although the war memorial was constructed in accordance with French colonial empire’s demagogue policy, its architecture and fine art value are highly appreciated. War memorial is especially suitable for Quoc Hoc High School and the ancient yet romantic landscape by Huong river.

Toa Kham Wharf, 49 Le Loi street

Toa Kham wharf is named after the French Resident Superior in Annam in Central Vietnam (when Vietnam was colonized by French) in late 19th century until it was completely ruined in 1945. Today, HRS has Nam Xuan and Nam Binh boutique boats docking at the wharf and ready to provide perfume river tours to visitors

Price Includes:

  • Service charge & 10% VAT
  • On board insurance
  • One cup of tea or coffee
  • One pastry or fruit

Price Excludes:

  • Pick up & drop off
  • Personal expense

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