Vietnamese Crepe

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Hue crepe is a special fried cake only in Hue ancient capital. This dish is one of the delicious Hue specialties that have a similar making with Nam Bo pancake. The crepe has a round shape in the form of a mold, it is made from the main ingredient of rice flour, has topping, eats with raw vegetables and dipping sauce.

In order to make crepe, bakers use small cast iron pans, flat bottom, about 15cm in diameter, 2 to 3cm thick. The ingredients need to be prepared are quite simple, easy to buy such as rice flour, shrimp, green beans, bean sprouts … The crust is made of rice flour mixed with water, little turmeric to color, seasoning salt and monosodium glutamate, forming thick flour mixture. The phase of making cake flour is an extremely important step to decide the delicious crispness of the crust.

The small cast iron pan after being heated will be coated with a spoon of cooking oil and then put a large spoon of flour into a pan. Next putting the ingredients of topping on the surface including: steamed shrimp, raw spring rolls, egg yolk … cover for about 3 minutes to ripen. Add green onion, bean sprouts and wait for the crust ripened.

The crepe is made quite simple but delicious is thanks to the sauce made quite picky and beautiful. The sauce is cooked from more than 10 spices, with special ingredients such as pork liver and lean meat mixed with spices such as onions, garlic, roasted sesame, peanuts, soy sauce, broth,… The sauce is cooked in small heat until it is thickened.

The crepe is usually eaten with raw vegetables, rice paper, sliced figs, dipping in sauce is hard to resist.

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