Thuan An Beach

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Thuan An Beach is located in Thuan An Town, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien – Hue Province. This is the place where the Huong River runs down stream to the direction of Tam Giang Lagoon and then flows into the East Sea, merging with the immense ocean. Therefore, Thuan An beach has a unique beauty between the light of the peaceful river and the vast sea. However, King Thieu Tri ranked Thuan An beach as the 10th scenic spot in the Ancient Capital’s twenty beautiful scenes.

The poetic wild beauty of Thuan An

One of the things that attracts tourists to Thuan An beach is that it still retains the pristine beauty inherent with clear sea water, gentle slopes and clean white sand stretches.

In particular, the sea water in Thuan An beach has a salty taste more than usual and a pure white sand beach without any snail shells.

Coming to Thuan An Beach, visitors will be immersed in the green water, walking on the smooth white sandy beaches, watching the idyllic image of the fishermen going out fishing and exploring and exploring the features Unique culture of fishing villages.

Besides, this famous Hue tourist destination also has a tent rental service, helping visitors experience the feeling of staying overnight on beach, listening to the whispering waves and watching the starry sky extremely unforgettable.

Thuan An Beach has a wild beauty because its tourism service has not yet developed and has the mysterious and gentle characteristics as typical of Hue. If coming to Thuan An beach, visitors can not ignore the opportunity to enjoy the fresh seafood with the sea flavor such as blood cockles, shrimp, snails, squid, fish … These fresh seafood dishes which are grilled directly on charcoal are very fragrant and attractive. Or visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional specialties of local people such as rice dumpling cake, flat rice dumpling …, sip with a bit of hot and spicy taste of Chuon village’s wine.

Thuan An Beach not only attracts tourists with clean beaches, beautiful natural scenery but also attracted by famous spiritual places. In particular, it is necessary to mention the temple of Thai Duong or Ba Giang temple – the wife of the sea god is a spiritual place that is very adored by the people in the village.

How to get to Thuan An Beach

To reach Thuan An beach, visitors can easily choose to take private cars service or use private vehicles to go through well-off villages, endless rice fields and luxuriant fruit trees. In which, there are two simplest routes for tourists to refer to, a route from Hue city center through National Road 49B with a length of about 18.7km and a route through Chi Lang with a length of 19.4km.

Or tourists can sit boat down the Huong Giang river to Thuan An beach and more opportunities to admire the poetic natural scenery on both sides.

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