Hue Sweet Soup

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Hue is famous for its many delicious dishes. Hue sweet soup is one of the delicious dishes that visitors coming to Hue won’t forget to enjoy.

Hue sweet soup is not only delicious, but also very special, extremely diverse that people are free to choose their favorite flavors … Any sweet soup stall in Hue has several dozen types of sweet soup, which are displayed very eye-catching, with many colors mixed looking extremely attractive.

Hue sweet soup is cooked very delicate and very methodical. For example, taro sweet soup is cooked with sticky rice, ginger … it must be the kind of taro, the most delicious, sticky, and must be cooked with yellow sugar. When eating, it is accompanied by coconut water which is cooked very thick and very fat. Or the pot of beans with the beans just cooked, very buttery and delicious.

Rice balls sweet soup is cooked in sticky flour very carefully, with fried green beans, delicious sugar water, and roasted white sesame, pounded ginger … In cold rain in Hue, sitting down with a cup of rice balls sweet soup, nothing can compare.

On a hot day, Hue’s fruits sweet soup is a delicacy hard to forget. All kinds of fresh fruits such as avocado, jackfruit, papaya, dragon fruit, pineapple … are cut into large pieces, dipped in a pot of cooked sugar water, put the crushed ice into and enjoy.

Hue cassava sweet soup is usually wrapped with coconut kernel. Each pieces diced coconut is covered by the famous delicious cassava flour, cooked in ginger sugar water … Hue cassava sweet soup is hard to ignore when coming to Hue. Or the lotus seed sweet soup with sweet and aromatic flavor is considered the “must eat” sweet soup of many tourists when coming to the ancient capital.

And a lot of delicious sweet soup in Hue sweet soups stalls such as green bean, black bean, grapefruit, red bean, corn … Just remember, when coming to Hue , definitely have to visit the a sweet soup stall in Hue, to enjoy all the delicious kinds of sweet soup.

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