Hue Beef Noodle

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Hue Beef Noodle is a popular popular dish of Hue people. Many newspapers about international culture and cuisine voted this is one of the world’s famous dishes.

Known as beef noodle soup, but in fact, Hue beef noodle also has a piece of pork trotter, a piece of boiled pork blood, a crab roll or beef ball … And the most interesting thing in each Hue beef noodle is the big pork roll that is nearly as big as a hand.

The broth of Hue beef noodle is not the same as any other broth. It is the secret of the delicate coordination between bone and shrimp paste (the type of sea shrimp paste typical of Hue), fresh lemongrass and red chili …Too much shrimp paste, the broth will smell bad. Too much lemongrass, the broth will be hot … In short, enough is perfect.

Serving with Hue beef noodle, there is always a plate of raw vegetables with a pinch of white bean sprouts, some fragrant basil, a little banana flower, some fragrant lime slides .. So a bowl of Hue beef noodle has enough spicy, fragrant, sweet, fatty and also colorful with green of vegetables, red of chili, yellow of crab rolls and white of noodle …

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