Hai Van Pass

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Not only has great natural beauty, Hai Van Pass is also an important cultural and historical heritage. And here’s if Hai Van Pass should be added to your list of upcoming destinations with BNT Travel!

I. The place of the intersection of clouds and mountains 

1. About Hai Van Pass 

Hai Van Pass is a famous pass route of Central Vietnam. The pass runs along the coast of the East Sea, connecting the two cities of Hue and Da Nang. This is a pass that divides the Annamite Mountains, forming a natural boundary between the two provinces of Thua Thien Hue and Quang Nam. With its slope and special climate, Hai Van Pass has created a magnificent and unspoiled landscape.

2. Relief 

Hai Van Pass is more than 20km long, with an average altitude of 500m above sea level. When passing here, visitors will experience cool, fresh and extremely lively air. The pass passage is quite rushed and meandering. Both sides of the pass appear magnificently beautiful. Overcoming the distance of the pass, visitors will admire when looking down at the ocean and looking out at the city of Da Nang sparkling with lights.

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3. Map of Hai Van Pass area

II. Exciting experiences in Central Vietnam 

With great natural beauty, majestic landscapes and activities worth playing, Hai Van Pass is an ideal destination for those who want to experience colorful life.

1. Stunning views 

Hai Van Pass offers a diverse and attractive landscape. From the top of the pass, you can admire the panoramic view of the vast blue sea, the billowing waves hitting the white sand and the green mountains creating a wonderful scene. You can enjoy a peaceful space, relax and immerse yourself in the natural beauty here.

2. Immerse yourself with nature  

Hai Van Pass is also a destination for those who love adventure and climbing. You can join local tours to explore the hiking trails, see the unspoiled landscape, and enjoy the fresh air of the mountains. This is an opportunity to try yourself and create memorable memories.

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3. Overcoming and conquering the peak of Hai Van mountain 

With an area of up to 1,600 hectares, Hai Van peak is one of the challenging and adventurous tourist attractions. This destination attracts mountain climbing enthusiasts.

You can also rent motorbikes in Da Nang or Hue and drive through the pass, experiencing stimulating and challenging turns. Feel the cool breeze blowing through your skin and enjoy the slow pace of life on the picturesque highway.

4. Explore cultural heritage 

Hai Van Pass has special historical and cultural values. This is also the intersection of two different cultural values, reflecting the diversity of Vietnamese culture.

– Hai Van Quan of the Nguyen Dynasty, built in the nineteenth century, is one of the unique architectural skits of Vietnam.

– At the top of the pass, you can explore the ancient ruins of an ancient capital resistant to invaders. Hai Van Gate and observatories are witnesses of a glorious historical period. Through these monuments, you will learn more about the past and development of this land.

– Fort Ca Bridge, a bridge dating back more than 100 years, beautiful and of considerable historical value. With typical architecture of the French colonial period, a testament to the incredible architectural and technical capabilities of the Vietnamese people. And become a must-visit destination for those who love history and culture.

– North Hai Van railway station, a railway station of historical value. It used to be an important transport hub connecting North and South Vietnam. It was later abandoned when the Hai Van Pass tunnel was built. However, the station has since been restored and opened to tourists. This is an interesting stop on the journey to explore Hai Van Pass.

5. Enjoy specialty cuisine 

When coming to Hai Van Pass, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy local specialties. Small roadside stalls will bring you great culinary experiences with fresh seafood and unique dishes of the Central region.

– Nam O fish salad is a popular seafood dish. The salad is prepared from fresh fish and a variety of herbs. The fish used in salads is often caught locally, ensuring excellent freshness and flavor. This dish is a signature symbol of regional coastal cuisine, and is a must-see option for seafood lovers

– Wet cake, a simple but delicious steamed cake, is usually served with a variety of fillings such as grilled meat, shrimp or fried chives. This is a popular street food in Vietnam and a great choice for those who want to enjoy a delicious fast food. It is also a great way to experience the local flavors and culture of the area

In addition to the above two dishes, visitors to this region can also discover many other delicacies, reflecting both local culture and influences from neighboring countries such as Laos and Cambodia.

III. Revealing the great trick to move to Hai Van Pass makes the trip easy. 

There are many convenient means of transportation so that you can enjoy the majestic beauty and stunning landscape of this place. Here are some ways to get to Hai Van Pass that BNT Travel has learned:

1. Cars 

The most popular means of transportation to Hai Van Pass is by car. If you are in Da Nang or Hue, you can rent a car or tourist car for self-driving or hire a driver. National Highway 1A passes through Hai Van Pass, ensuring a convenient and fast journey. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and stop to take photos at the beautiful viewpoints.

2. Motorcycles 

For those who love freedom and adventure, traveling by motorbike is a great option. You can rent or bring your own motorbike from Da Nang or Hue and drive throughn Hai Van Pass. This is a fun way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the sea breeze.

3. Bus 

If you don’t want to drive yourself or rent a car, taking the bus is also an economical and convenient option. Both Da Nang and Hue have buses to Hai Van Pass. You can look up local bus schedules or inquire at the bus station for exact times and stops.

4. Tours 

If you want a complete travel experience and don’t have to worry about moving, you can join tours to Hai Van Pass. There are many local tour companies offering tours to explore Hai Van Pass with flexible programs and professional guides. You will have the opportunity to visit different destinations and enjoy the journey comfortably.

IV. Guide to prepare and plan a successful Hai Van Pass trip 

1. What to take with you when traveling light and handy 

a. Items to help you comfortably explore nature

You should wear sunscreen when going to Hai Van Pass as this is an area with a lot of sunshine. In addition, it is recommended to bring water, hat, sunglasses and a sun visor to protect the whole body from the harsh sun of Hai Van pass.

b. Camera

The scenery in Hai Van Pass is extremely majestic. So bring a camera so that it helps you preserve the beautiful images and memories of the trip.

2. The right time to explore Hai Van Pass 

a. Spring (May 2 – May 4)

In spring, Hai Van Pass is covered with flowers and grasses racing to bloom. The weather between 2 and 4 months is usually warm and pleasant, making it an ideal time to visit. You can enjoy the quiet space, immerse yourself in the beautiful nature and watch the enchanting scenery of Hai Van Pass.

b. Summer (May 5 – May 8)

During the summer, the weather in Hai Van Pass becomes hotter, but there is still coolness from the sea. You can enjoy the cool sunshine of a beach in the Danang and Hue beach areas, and then ride across Hai Van Pass to enjoy the amazing views from a height.

c. Autumn (May 9 – May 11)

In autumn, Hai Van Pass becomes more interesting with the brilliant red leaf season. Ripe rice fields and trees that change color will create a beautiful picture of nature. You can enjoy the poetic space and experience the change of autumn at Hai Van Pass.

d. Winter (May 12 – January 1)

Winters in Hai Van Pass can be cold and rainy. The path can be slippery and dangerous, so this time is not recommended for sightseeing.

In addition, you should not go on the road on Vietnamese holidays. Because at these times, the number of tourists flocking to Hai Van Pass is quite crowded. This can cause traffic jams and make it unsafe for your trip.

V. Practical information that you should know 

– Admission to Hai Van Pass is free.

– Sanitary facilities are available at several points along the pass, including the summit. There are several parking areas available to visitors, but it is important to note that some areas can become crowded during peak season.

If you are a nature lover and want to learn about Vietnamese culture, Hai Van Pass is the ideal destination for you. This is a great place to stop to enjoy nature and discover the country’s secrets.

Visiting Hai Van Pass is an experience like no other, and we hope that this article has inspired you to add it to your travel list. So why not pack your backpack, hit the road and explore this beautiful pass for yourself? We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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