Cau Hai Lagoon Hue local fishing village

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Cau Hai Lagoon is almost completely unexploited. But this is still an attractive destination for those who want to find quiet, cool, airy spaces. To relax after business trips or hot summer days in the city, this is a place not to be missed.

I. Cau Hai Lagoon – The perfect combination of nature and culture 

1. Unspoiled and poetic beauty 

Cau Hai Lagoon is a charming beach tourist destination for tourists who love unspoiled natural beauty. This place not only brings the wild and mineral beauty of nature but also impresses by the beauty of life, captivating people.

When coming to Cau Hai Lagoon, you will be fascinated by the fine white sand, seafood rice fields surrounding the lagoon, and the boats floating on the idyllic but emotional water.

2. Where is Cau Hai Lagoon? 

Cau Hai Dam is located geographically in Loc Bon Commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Central Vietnam. From Hue city center, you can move to Cau Hai Dam about 45 minutes by car or motorbike in the direction of Dai Loc – Lang Co. This is a tourist destination loved by many people and attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Map to Cau Hai Lagoon

II. Participating in activities at Cau Hai Lagoon? 

1. Relaxing vacation on the beach 

Cau Hai Dam is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam. With diverse and rich natural beauty, it is the ideal place to explore. Exploring the beautiful scenery at Cau Hai Dam will make you have wonderful experiences and dense with local love. Be prepared mentally and time to experience those values.

2. Visit local fishing villages 

When coming to Cau Hai Dam, visiting local fishing villages is an interesting experience not to be missed. You can visit fishing villages by shuttle boat and enjoy the beauty of the lagoon, while admiring the life and fisheries of the locals.

Famous fishing villages in Cau Hai Dam such as Indochina fishing village and Atlantic fishing village … Each fishing village has its own unique features, beautiful landscapes and fisheries that have been preserved through the generations.

You can do activities such as squid fishing, fishing, or take part in special apprenticeships, recommended by the crew. At the same time, you can also enjoy fresh seafood dishes made with local specialties such as grilled squid, fish salad, squid hot pot and many other dishes.

3. Visit the Ru Cha mangrove forest 

Rú Chá mangrove forest is the place that attracts visitors to Cau Hai Lagoon. This forest is located in the area at the head of the mouth of the Rú Chá River, forming a unique cultural feature of the locality. Here you can do many activities such as walking, exploring the forest, swimming or camping.

4. Attend local festivals 

Cau Hai Dam has many festivals and local events throughout the year. With its own characteristics, it gives visitors unique experiences. Participating in local festivals will help you better understand the culture and history of Cau Hai Dam.

5. Observe animals around Cau Hai Lagoon 

Cau Hai Lagoon has a rich and diverse ecosystem with many diverse animal species. It has a rich fauna ecosystem with many species of fish, shrimp, crabs, snails and other waterfowl. If you are an animal lover and want to discover the special creatures at Cau Hai Dam, join the local tours organized by the tour units.

6. Become a photographer at Cau Hai Lagoon

Cau Hai Lagoon is known for its diverse and strangely beautiful landscapes. For photographers, this is a great place to express their abilities and creativity. The scenery at Cau Hai Lagoon always gives the feeling of a natural paradise that will help you become more creative.

III. Discover unique food culture on holiday 

Cau Hai Dam is one of the famous seafood destinations in Vietnam. It is the main producer of seafood such as scallops, shrimp, crabs, oysters and many other seafood. The taste of Cau Hai lagoon cuisine creates diversity and richness in seafood dishes.

Some typical dishes of Cau Hai Dam such as stir-fried copper crab with lemongrass, deep-fried cockles, sweet and sour pickled copper shrimp, raw oysters or steamed cups. In particular, seafood hot pot dishes such as pink fish hotpot, scallop hotpot or sour fish soup are also very popular.

IV. Feel the comfort and convenience of your vacation 

If you come to Dam Cau Hue and want to find a place to stay, there are many hotels and guesthouses for you to choose from. Here are some hotel recommendations in Dam Cau Hue:

– La Residence Hue Hotel & Spa: This is a high-class and luxurious hotel, beautifully located with Perfume River view and rooms with luxurious design.

– Hue Serene Palace Hotel: This is a 4-star hotel located in the center of Hue city. The hotel has spacious and beautifully decorated rooms.

– Duc Tai Guesthouse: This is a cheap hotel but clean and comfortable. Beneficial location, located near shops, restaurants

V. Safety tips and precautions 

1. Items to help you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cau Hai Lagoon 

– Food and water: If you plan to stay in Hue Cau Dam for a long time, prepare enough food and water to save money. However, there are eateries and grocery stores here, so you can buy more as well.

– Clothing and shoes: You should prepare comfortable clothing and shoes to participate in activities such as walking, climbing and cycling.

– Camera or mobile phone: Hue Cau Lagoon has many beautiful landscapes with natural scenery and blue water. Prepare your camera or mobile phone to take photos that capture beautiful moments.

– Sunscreen and mosquito poison: Since Hue Dam Cau has a lot of creatures such as mosquitoes, you should bring sunscreen and mosquito medicine to prevent your forehead.

– Cash: It is recommended to prepare enough cash to spend during your stay at Dam Cau Hue as not all shops and eateries accept credit card or electronic payment.

2. Experience helps you move conveniently and safely 

a. Adjust your travel schedule 

If you are traveling by car or motorbike, adjust your itinerary so that you can reach Cau Hai Dam when it is not too sunny or too dark. This helps you stay away from traffic accidents and enjoy the beautiful view of the road.

b. Road conditions 

Before you go, check the status of the road and keep up to date with the latest traffic information for your trip. If the road has many bends or steep passes, you need to carefully drive and ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers.

c. Transportation 

If you don’t like driving or remote, you can hire a taxi, bus or shuttle to get to Cau Hai Dam. If you are from Hue, there are many travel agencies connected to popular tourist destinations in this area.

d. Weather observation 

Please observe the weather before you go to choose the right outfit and items. Avoid traveling when the weather is raining or stormy to be safe for your trip.

3. The best time at Dam Cau Hai temple 

– March 3 – May 5. This is one of the great times to visit Cau Hai Lagoon. With warm weather and not too hot sun. Visitors can visit the ruins of the ancient capital of Hue and enjoy the fresh air in the surrounding swampy area.

– March 6 – March 8. This is a hot summer in Central Vietnam. However, this is also the time for you to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, going on a cruise or challenging yourself with water sports games.

– March 9 – March 11. Autumn in Cau Hai Dam Hue is not too cold However, it is not too muggy. This time is especially suitable for tourists who want to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy outdoor BBQ parties at the resorts around the lagoon.

– March 12 – March 2. During this period, Cau Hai Hue Lagoon can become quite chilly and few tourists come here. However, if you love and want to enjoy quiet moments in the middle of nature, this is a time not to be missed.


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