Rainy Season Guidance in Vietnam for travelers

Rainy Season Guidance in Vietnam for travelers.

When you find out the words Vietnam rainy season and want to reschedule your vacation, I have to tell you it won’t be that bad. The rainy season is from May to September normally which may makes long lasting rain in North and Central Vietnam but the rain in South is heavy and short. Even with the rains, the trip in Vietnam at this time still brings a truly memorable travel experiences, you have chance to explore the local lifestyle and unique imagination of Vietnam under the rain. I will give you some tips to take advantage of rainy season.

Maybe, some of you want to try drive motorbike in Vietnam but you should it at another time when the weather is dry and your view is clear. While the rain is heavy and the road is wet, the best choice is staying in a safe car and looking outside to enjoy the fast-moving and optimism lifestyle of Vietnamese, especially while travel with kids.

Clothing and footwear
The first thing is rain-jacket, the plastic ponchos is available all over Vietnam and really cheap but they don’t last long. In case, you won’t use the rain-jacket anymore after the trip, the poncho is economical choice. A rubber sandal would be a good footwear.

Places in Vietnam to visit in rainy season
The drain systems in major cities as Ha Noi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh are better than the rural areas. You should ask the receptionist at the hotel to get weather forecast. It is possible to visit Vietnam in rainy season with right precautious. Swallow travel is able to organize the itinerary that explore the country in relative comfort whether it rains or shines.