For the very first step, typing the country/city on the box “Where are you going? then choosing the destination that you want to visit, your expected day of stay, kind of cruises.

Next, you must choose number of guests then clicking “Search for tours”. The results will appear for you to choose.

The online booking process must be done with the steps as follow:


After choosing the cruise that you want, you will have a number of choices for different itineraries, choose the one that meet your need by clicking “Book now”


This step will help you save your time which let us know the service that you want to experience in advance (such as transportation, special dining on board….or other special requests related to your bookings).


At this step, you can have a quick summary of what you have chosen, complete and send your booking form.

After your booking is completed, the system will automatically pop up a “Thank you notice” and send you an email with the detailed of the booking that you requested.

Our team will reach you within 1 working day to re-confirm your booking and inform you about the available services, as well as the terms of payment.

Note: At the first of this step, you will have to enroll in your personal information such as email address, contact number…….Please fill in the correct information so that the system can send your detailed booking to the right place.

The answer for this question is always “yes”. In fact, the deposit is compulsory as it will guarantee your reservation (cruise tours, transfer…etc). Right after we receive your deposit, we’re going to reserve your services. The deposit is just for the safety of your booking. As usual, the deposit will be 40% of total cost at the booking time. For some special cases or special types of promotion, full payment will be requested at the booking time. In these situations, we will inform you first about which one need to be made full payment.

You can pay us by different methods as below:

  1. – Credit Card: pay online via POS. The payment link will be send to right after we receive your confirmation or you can pay directly to us at our office through POS.
  2. – Cash: You can pay cash for us at our office or at your hotel.
  3. – Bank transfer (the transferred fee is paid by you): in case of paying a large number of money, bank transfer is preferred. Our bank account detail is:…

The rest of your payment will be made before you finish the tour.

The rest of your payment can be paid directly at our office, in some situations, you can pay directly at our guide or our representative on the cruise.

Cash or Credit Card payment are allowed.

For any reasons that you want to cancel your booking, please send us a cancellation email. Please read the cancellation terms and policies carefully of each program as well as each tour and hotel. We will provide you with the timing of cancellation and how much will be charged for the cancellation with the relevant time.


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