BNT Travel Customers

Although BNT Travel have just established for a couple of months, we were so lucky to welcome some guests to join our tour.

Our guests focus on the persons who come from around the world and want to travel, discover Vietnam. With our slogan “Bring Vietnam to you”, we will show you every colorful and amazing corners of Vietnam. Let’s see what did our guests say about us?



Our first guest is a lovely family from England, they gave our service 5 stars and a comment: “This travel agency did offer me a good service package. Employees are helpful and friendly. Thank you so much for your help. Much appreciated”.

bnt customer

bnt travel

bnt travel

bnt vietnam

Another guests also gave our service 5 stars with a recommendation “I can only recommend Bi and BNT Travel. Many Thanks for the safe ride from Hue to Danang via beautiful Hải Vân Pass.”

For us, your smile and satisfaction are the things which we want to see. If you need anything for your trip, just call us.

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Add: 35 Ba Trieu Street, Hue City, Viet Nam


Phone: +84 917 458 000 - +84 984 859 723